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Short Comedy
Premiered October 11, 2020


When a teenage girl gets broken up with online, she desperately seeks out for her next soulmate on a Christian youth dating service.

Haley Pine as Mary

Charlie Tacker as Sebastian

Zachariah Supka as Tomás

Charlie Norton as Sheldon

Dan Muller as Juan

Andrei Sylvan Horia as Joseph

Nicholas Eaton as Grandma's Boy

Jack Brunault as Prius Killer

(see for Kid #1-44)

Directed By Brendan Egan & Haley Pine
Written By Brendan Egan, Haley Pine, & Jack Brunault
Produced By Brendan Egan & Charlie Norton
Music By Adam Cabo
Edited By Brendan Egan


2020 All American Teen Film Festival

Winner Audience Award, Nominated: Best Comedy.

2020 Indie Short Fest

Winner Best Mobile Short (Student),

Nominated: Best Young Actress (Haley Pine),

Nominated: Best Young Filmmaker (Brendan Egan, Haley Pine).

2020 Point Lookout Film Festival

Winner Best Comedy-Student Film,

Winner Best Actor-Student Film (Charlie Norton).

2021 Red Dirt Film Festival

Winner Best High School Film

Nominated: Best Comedy; Best Editing

2020 STUFFit Film Festival

Official Selection

2020 The New England Cell Phone Film Festival

Official Selection

2021 DC Independent Film Festival/DCIFF

Official Selection

Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 10.57.42
Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 10.59.40
Flix Reps award:zoom dating.jpg

2020 Flix Reps Film Festival 

Winner Best Short Drama

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