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      "The Little Star sends a clear message to never forget from where you came! After viewing the film a second time, the corny humor grew on me. The silliness of Scottie's behavior throughout this film is my favorite part. Haley Pine, the director of this film sure has some star power." Reviewed by Dominic D., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.


     "Haley has worked for me as an actress for several years now and I hope and pray she'll continue as she is an extremely talented and lovely young woman who always gives 110% backstage and onstage. No job is too small nor too big for her to excel and take another look at that beautiful is ALWAYS there. Thanks Haley for helping to make Kaleidoscope Theatre the success it is today!"  Written by David Payton of Kaleidoscope Theatre.


     Review of "The Miracle Worker" by Tony Annicone
"Haley who is only 12 years old, does a terrific job in this enormous role. She must display her emotions by grunting and the antics she displays at certain moments. Like happiness when she discovers it is her mother, indifference when it's her father and anger at Annie as she tries to teach her the right way to behave. Haley must act with her facial expressions and tone of grunting. She comes through with flying colors, winning the audience over as well as her teacher who exclaims at the close of the show that she will love Helen forever. As Helen, Haley teaches her doll the words, Annie has taught her, showing that she has the intelligence to learn as well as to teach. The break through occurs when Annie teaches Helen how to fill a pitcher with water, baptizing her with it to bring Helen into the world of communication with others.Brava to both actresses on a very impressive job in these difficult roles".  

     "Haley Pine plays the daughter, Mink. Pine has no problem holding her own with the adults on stage", Written by Mary DeBerry of Motif-RI.

     “If that performance is anything like that little girl’s voice, the entire performance should be both exciting and extraordinary,” Zompa said. Stated by Tony Zompa.

     "Death of a Snowman by Daniel Guyton examines life, love and loss through a fanciful conversation between a young girl and the snowman she created in her backyard. Charlotte (the adorable Haley Pine) grieves the recent death of her mother and turns to her rather eloquent, if physically frosty, friend (charmingly played by Billy Flynn) for a frank and philosophical discussion of life's biggest questions. Guyton's piece suitably explores grief and remembrance by embracing optimism, adding a touch of humor, and championing the well-lived life".   Written by Veronica Bruscini.

     "We have seen young talent before within our field, but Haley Pine is a strong force to be reckoned with. With the gleam and smile of a young Drew Barrymore, and the poise to carry a movie. From film to stage she is by far one of the best sought after young talents in NEW ENGLAND. Haley Pine is an artist from Rhode Island, who can act, sing, dance, and play piano and clarinet. In the film KILLING KHAN Haley Pine was a natural with a gun pressed to her temple she gave the natural sense of realism to the role. We are truly grateful to have her onboard. If you don’t know HALEY PINE, you are truly missing out on a great young talent, that will be holding an Oscar for best actress one day, and thats a fact".  Jr Hepburn (Writer and Director of Killing Khan & Blue Suede).

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