Short Comedy
Premieres December 2020


A teenage child star returns home after filming a big movie, expecting his family to treat him exactly like he's been treated in Hollywood.


Charlie Tacker as Scottie
Haley Pine as Monica the Manager
Deanna Langone as Mom
Savannah Winslow as Katie
Trinity DiSola as Emily

Directed by Haley Pine
Cinematography By Charlie Norton
Written By Seth Chitwood
Sound By Brendan Egan

Music By Joe Smith
Production Assistance By Nicholas Eaton and Dario Mendez

In Association with Angelwood Pictures

"The Little Star sends a clear message to never forget from where you came! After viewing the film a second time, the corny humor grew on me. The silliness of Scottie's behavior throughout this film is my favorite part. Haley Pine, the director of this film sure has some star power.


Reviewed by Dominic D., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic

"Enjoyed this tongue in cheek farce that captured the dark side of a person's vanity once they have tasted the apple of success. We don't know of many mothers who would have been that patient.


- Eric Bilodeau, Artistic Director

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