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Short Comedy
Premieres February 14 2021


A girl accidentally eats a "special" cookie moments before meeting her boyfriend's judgmental parents for the first time.


Haley Pine as Brooke

Charlie Tacker as Jacob

Paul Noonan as Ted Andrews

Andre Boudreau as Ken Andrews

Emma Broomfield as Shelby

Directed by Haley Pine

Co-Directed By Brendan Egan
Cinematography By Seng2KX
Written By Haley Pine,

Seth Chitwood, & Brendan Egan

Produced By Haley Pine, Charlie Tacker & Gina Pine

Supervising Producer: Seth Chitwood

Boom Operator: Jack Brunault

Assistant Camera: Pamela Hatch

In Association with Angelwood Pictures

Winner BI Film Festival Laurel.jpg
The Brightside Film Festival - 2021_edited.jpg
NYLIFF - 2021_edited.jpg
Block Island Film Festival - 2021_edited.jpg
The Brightside Film Festival - 2021_edited.jpg
IMG_3175 2.jpg
Winner Laurel Chelmsford_edited.jpg
              WINNER BEST DARK COMEDY SHORT                                         A Spec
Amelia Island Film Festival Official Selection.jpg
Official Selection Hang Onto Your Shorts IMG_2480.jpg
Official Selection ASD Middlesex FF.jpg
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Mystic Film Festival - 2021.png
A Special Dinner2.jpeg
A Speical Dinner Indie Short Fest LA cert.jpg
A Special Dinner1.jpg
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